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Hyrulian Take on Ancient Aliens

It is stated in Standardized Hylian lore that three divine goddesses descended upon our plane and bestowed upon it Structure, Life, and Wisdom. They came from the heavens and with their respective divine powers, they shaped the land upon which we now find ourselves residing. It's also their belief that when the goddesses left the Earth, they left behind a mystic power known as the triforce. The triforce was proof positive for the people of Hyrule that the goddesses existed, and they deemed each of the pieces of triforce be dedicated to each goddess, though according to this theory, the fact that there are three pieces as well as gods is seen as coincidence in scientific circles.

The belief that the goddesses came from heaven isn't too far from the mark, as it is believed by those who wish to further rationalize the origin stories that the triforce is actually the device they used to travel either between dimensions or through time or space. The fact that the triforce is seen as a key to the "sacred realm" is also not far from the views of the scientific scrutiny of the Hylian religion. Since those who believe think that the triforce will grant them the ability to transcend time and gain all power haven't seen its potential, but rather have only heard of it is an astounding coincidence, or possibly even an astute guess. The great minds of the time of Hylia's inception were primitive in that they sought spiritual truth rather than scientific truth, the similarities are truly shocking. 

The scientists who first proposed this idea thought hard about the language barrier between our time and the time of ancient Hyrule. Since the Hylian language has undergone a few noteworthy changes since the ancient times, misinterpretation and mistranslation has been taken into account and it has even been proposed that they weren't even goddesses at all, but rather ornate and likely awe inspiring craft designed to pierce heaven's vale or even the barrier of reality itself. To many ancient peoples, beauty was seen as a solely feminine trait and it is seemingly easy to see why they would have seen a sleek space craft as female.

Hyrulian Take on Ancient Aliens

Din granted the Earth its bedrock. It could have been a highly powerful planetary dredge machine, not unlike the powerful sediment pumps used by Princes in developing middle eastern countries to create islands, to group together billions or possibly trillions of tons of stone and minerals into the emptiness of space. Imagine that the amount of energy it would take for something to lift mountains and place them gently upon the face of the earth. The output required to keep such a great craft aloft would surely be visible and could quite possibly be interpreted as strong and flaming arms, especially if the propulsion system were mounted in rows upon wings.

Farore gave the Earth its life, and all the green things that would cover the rock. The people of these times may have taken a terraforming dirigible (or other variant of slow moving and gently propelled craft designed to place plant life and water for life to gain a foothold) as a divine and kind goddess responsible for fertility.

Nayru granted the life forms wisdom and reason. The primitive peoples of Hyrule may have been in a tribal state when Nayru first came to them. Nayru may well have been the only true being that they witnessed. Again, as many would assume, a species whose intelligence is cosmic would likely be -- if in possession of physical form at all -- slender and fair, likely also being seen as female. This being may have been there to show the peoples of Hyrule how to pull metal from the earth, and how to use values of numbers to gain insight into the invisible. Perhaps they needed an intelligent work force to help create a holding area for the portal ('triforce') back to their land due to economic decline on their own planet, etc.

A question could understandably be raised from this assumption: "how were the peoples of Hyrule there to witness this happening?". It is never mentioned whether all the goddesses were doing their jobs at once. If that had been, then the bedrock could have been laid down, where-after Farore could place the beings upon it and grant them plant life, where then Nayru could give them wisdom to witness Din finishing off the planet's features with mountains and valleys.

Alas, this is merely, and will ever remain to be merely a theory. Open to speculation by great minds throughout time. But who knows. Maybe one day we will have the wherewithal to muster a trip to the other side. What would they see in us? And how will they tell their children about it?

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