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Hyrule Warriors Sales as Expected in Japan, Exceeding Expectations Overseas

  Posted on 10/28/2014 8:40:12 PM by Austin Dickson

Hyrule Warriors 8-bit Sword

Hyrule Warriors launched over a month ago in North America and Europe. It launched nearly 2 months again in Japan. Well, how are sales doing you ask? Coming from a recent Q&A between Famitsu and Koei Tecmo - sales are as expected in Japan. They go on to say that sales overseas can not be given by them because of Nintendo publishing it outside of Japan; however, Koei Tecmo does say that sales are above expectations. They hope that sales stay strong overseas with the help of future shipments. So good news aside - how are you enjoying Hyrule Warriors?

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Kickstarter: Animated Legend of Zelda Parody Movie Looking for Funding

  Posted on 10/21/2014 10:40:53 AM by Austin Dickson

Zelda Parody Movie

A Kickstarter recently appeared trying to fund an animated parody movie based on Ocarina of Time 3D. The project is headed by Smashbits, who have created a plethora of entertaining videos - just take a look at their YouTube channel. They have been planning this Zelda movie for 3 years and have just now found the people capable of making it what they envisioned. They are looking for $225,000 in order to fully fund the project and be able to pay all of the workers. Check out the video after the break for more information...

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Hyrule Warriors Master Quest Pack Launched

  Posted on 10/16/2014 11:13:38 AM by Austin Dickson

Hyrule Warriors Master Quest DLC - Epona

The Master Quest Pack DLC for Hyrule Warriors has launched. It includes five new Legend Mode scenarios, a new Adventure Mode map entitled Master Quest with seven 8-bit weapons and 16 alternative costumes, a new weapon for Link (Epona), and new costumes for Lana and Cia (Guardian of Time). We will keep you updated on future updates to Hyrule Warriors, but for now - check out the Master Quest Pack trailer after the break...

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Newest Hyrule Warriors Trailers Show Off Playable Cia and Volga

  Posted on 10/2/2014 9:23:53 AM by Austin Dickson

Hyrule Warriors Screenshots

An update recently launched for Hyrule Warriors in Japan that made Volga, Cia, and Wizzro playable characters. While the same update is scheduled a bit later for North America - date un-be-knowist to us at this time - we do get to watch the new playable characters in action. We have gameplay trailers for both Volga and Cia, which can be viewed after the break...

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Hyrule Warriors Guides Update

  Posted on 9/29/2014 11:59:26 AM by Austin Dickson

Hyrule Warriors Adventure Mode Screenshot

Are you having problems with Hyrule Warriors? Well, we are currently editing our guides and walkthrough. Some of our guides include: Heart Pieces, Gold Skulltulas, and the Bazaar. This guides are being updated daily and will continue to be until completed. Please contact us if you notice any problems.

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Cuccos Invade Hyrule Warriors in Latest Trailer

  Posted on 9/25/2014 9:52:24 AM by Austin Dickson


The Cucco - as seen above - has been a mainstay in the Zelda series for most of its existence and Hyrule Warriors is no different. While the game is not a main Zelda title - it does provide us with the Cucco. They can help Link in battle but just don't attack them! Check out the Cucco trailer after the break...

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Hyrule Warriors Content Update

  Posted on 9/23/2014 3:18:19 PM by Austin Dickson

Hyrule Warriors Logo

Following the North American release of Hyrule Warriors, we will be updating our Gold Skulltulas guide and our Heart Pieces guide. We will also be following up with a Hyrule Warriors Walkthrough to accompany the guides. These pages will not be available day 1 of the North American release but will be available shortly after. Be sure to check back soon for the guides!

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Majora's Mask Pack Amongst Recent Hyrule Warriors DLC Details

  Posted on 9/18/2014 1:30:39 PM by Austin Dickson

UPDATED 9/18/2014 5:28PM EST: Nintendo of America has confirmed that the following DLC will be coming to the US. The season pass will be $19.99.

Original Story:

Hyrule Warriors Ver 1.3.0

Koei Tecmo has released details concerning new DLC for Hyrule Warriors. They also detailed some new playable characters in the upcoming Version 1.3.0 update coming out September 30th in Japan. Cia, Volga, and Wizzro will be added as well as the option to turn off cut-scenes in the menu. There are also several DLC packs planned and one of them is the Majora's Mask Pack. Check out more details after the break...

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North American Hyrule Warriors TV Commercial Released

  Posted on 9/15/2014 5:31:07 PM by Austin Dickson

Hyrule Warriors Screenshot

Hyrule Warriors is releasing in Europe and North America by months end. Players can play as a plethora of characters and each come with unique movesets. There are plenty of characters to be found and fun to be had but what about right now? Not much other than the North American tv commercial, which can be seen after the break...

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[UPDATED] Hyrule Warriors Costume Set Preorder Details for Europe

  Posted on 9/11/2014 7:59:08 AM by Austin Dickson

UPDATED 11:58PM EST 9/11/2014 Added additional details about other European regions below.

Hyrule Warriors Screenshot

We now have confirmation the preorder costume sets for Hyrule Warriors are coming to Europe. The Marketing Manager for Nintendo has Tweeted a couple times about the sets. The Ocarina of Time set is available at Nintendo UK Store and the Twilight Princess set is available from GAME for those in UK.

Many other European regions must take a picture of their receipt and fill out an online form: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland. The same thing must be done as well in Scandinavia except the picture must be sent to Nintendo distributor Bergsala in order to get the code. We will keep you updated on more details on the inevitable eShop release of the costume sets when information is available.

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